UPVC Window

Various Types of UPVC Windows

Single-mode UPVC Turn Windows

In these types of windows, the fittings are mounted over the opening.
A single-mode UPVC window is quite similar to a fixed double-glazed window in terms of its insulation against cold and heat and noise pollution. The main difference between these two types of windows is the use of fittings. In all doors and windows, if the hinge is on the right, window is right opening. Otherwise, in left opening windows, due to the use of extra window fittings, the total cost of the window changes and increases and we do not suggest this option to our customers.

Double or triple glazed windows with turn fittings can be designed following the demands of and according to the clients’ taste and the location of the specific window – each of which have different amounts of profile consumption. In different designs, you can split the window into two or three sections according to your desire and have the frieze placed at the top or the bottom.

Two-mode UPVC window (Tilt & Turn)

This type of window is considered to be one of the most water resistant type of window. In this type, the fittings are mounted on top and also along the width of the opening.
The two-mode UPVC window is highly secure due to the fittings used. The maximum opening for this type of UPVC window is 950 mm. If the width of the window opening is required to be more than this amount, special fittings must be assembled which increases the price and also the needed construction time compared to normal two-mode windows. These windows are easy to open and close even for children, and the easy adjustment feature is another advantage of this type of window. It is worth mentioning that in this model of UPVC windows, the fittings are mounted on four sides of the window and this makes the UPVC window more insulated.

Double or triple glazed windows that have Tilt & Turn fittings can be designed according to the following concepts to suit the client’s needs and location of the window.

The amount of profile used in each design concept is different.

Design Number 1: The dimensions are divided into two equal parts and only one window wing is of a two-mode type.

Design Number 2: The dimensions are divided into two equal parts and both window wings are of a two-mode type and there is a fixed mullion in the middle.

Design Number 3: This is a French window type in which the handle in mounted on the two-mode window wing.

Design Number 4: The dimensions are such that only one third is the opening and the bigger part is fixed in order to provide an aesthetic appearance.

Design Number 5: There is a frieze placed on top and the bottom part of one of the window wings is of a two-mode opening type.

Design Number 6: There is frieze placed on top ant the frieze itself is divided into two parts and there is an opening at the bottom.

VW-style UPVC Windows (Tilt & Slide)

In this type of window, the window is first pulled inwards and then moves in a sliding motion parallel to the X axis. The EPDM type sealing strips are utilized in this type of window and even though the window opens in a sliding manner, it is still one of the most insulated types of windows against water. The only disadvantage of this type of window is its high price. VW-style sliding windows are the best choice for large openings and they create a pleasant atmosphere. Basically, this type of window is used for places that have a lot of space and having a pleasant view is desirable.

VW-style windows are presented in a variety of designs and only one design includes both the Tilt & Slide and Tilt & Turn modes.

This type of window doesn’t take up any additional space.

Sliding UPVC windows

In sliding windows, two profiles roll over each other and the EPDM type gasket in used for insulation purposes which also adds to the durability of the product. But, due to the high friction of this type of gasket, moving the sliding section becomes a little difficult. The capillary type sealing strip is also used which in not water resistant. Thus, sliding windows are not fully water resistant. Due to the mentioned defects, this type of window is not recommended unless the client insists on using it.

Double or triple glazed windows with sliding fittings can be designed according to the infrastructure, the client’s desire and also the location of the window.

It is worth mentioning that regular sliding windows are not 100 % insulated and we do not recommend this type of window because they lead to energy waste.

According to the explanations given to the client, sometimes the client uses this type of window due to space limitations and its reasonable pricing.

In the pictures, we have shown you 11 different designs depending on the size and number of openings, each of which has a different amount of profile consumption.

French UPVC Window

There are two openings in the French UPVC window and no columns or mullions can be seen when both window wings are open. The handle is mounted on the larger opening, and the other wing can be opened and closed as required using a hidden handle.

In French windows, both window wing can be opened and there is no restriction or obstacle in the middle and a complete unimpaired perspective can be seen.

Tilting UPVC Window

The opening can be assembled in two modes:

  • Finger-pull Mode: The window is locked at one point and lacks a sealing cap and jamb locking gear but includes a crank arm and a finger pull. By no means will this window provide a perfect insulation against water.
  • Bathroom windows with single-mode fittings and a handle

Tilting windows are windows that are suitable for toilets or bathroom. These windows are sometimes used in parkings too.

Fixed UPVC Window

Fixed Window (without an opening)

Fixed UPVC windows are some of the most frequently used types of double glazed windows that have no openings and thus, using fittings is not necessary. The other advantages of this type of window include the creation of an unobstructed view without the hindrance of a frame. Due to the fact that they are fixed, this type of window also provides the perfect insulation against cold air as well as dust.

Fixed windows can be designed in the various dimensions and shapes that can be seen in the photos.

The various colors and designs of UPVC window profiles

Selecting the UPVC window profile design and color will help you in the design process and you can create beautiful interior and exterior visual effects. In this way, you will be able to choose the color of frames according to qualitative principles as well as the frame itself.

The finished coat of paint is long lasting and in accordance with the German Zobel company’s quality certificate.

Examples of the German RAL paintworks on UPVC profiles

Most double glazed door and window manufacturers use colors that are in accordance with the German RAL standard. The Ayegh Kavir Group also uses high quality paint that is in accordance with the German RAL standard to produce and assemble double glazed doors and windows that are not only well constructed, but have the highest quality paintwork because the lack of high quality paint will result in the paint to fall away in flakes and fade away as time goes by.

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