Different Types of Door Screens – Pleated Screens


* Suitable for all types of doors and windows – Can stop anywhere in the system – Laminated profile – Spare screen for replacement – Double-companion opening system – No springs in the system which make the screen quiet and durable – Hidden concealed adjustable system – Profile adjustment – RAL powder colors

PLUS SCREEN Window Screens

* Double installation – Has a hidden fold or blind fold conventional structure – Automatic pulling – Fiberglass screen – Screen movement using pallets – No threshold profile (6 mm vertical space occupation) – Aluminum frame – RAL powder paint – Design & manufacture

MAXI SCREEN Windows Screens

* Unlimited expansion capacity and wide space application – Has separate panels for adding or omitting any number of pieces – No threshold profile with a maximum height of 3 mm – Easy-to-slide knob that can be fixed anywhere – Aluminum frame – White, dark bronze, black, silver, champagne gold colors – RAL Powder colors – No springs – Design & manufacture


* Single and double installation – Can be adapted to any type of double door system – Types of openings (double sliding opening, left opening, right opening) – Clear and unobstructed view – Reverse load system – Single-touch automatic opening – Aluminum frame – RAL powder colors


Dual installation – Has a screen replacement cartridge system – Easy and fast control mechanism – Available in different sizes for professional OEM or HANDYMAN installation – No threshold profile with a maximum 3 mm high – Aluminum frame – RAL powder colors – No springs

New System of Pleated Screens from the Ayegh Kavir Group

With Turkish made screens and double washable frames of which can come out of place for convenience in washing.

The new screens have a gutter that will drain out water when it rains.