Tak Aluminum-e Kavir is the manufacturer of single and double glazed thermal break and normal windows and doors.

Tak Aluminum-e Kavir is the manufacturer of single and double glazed thermal break and normal windows and doors.

The Tak Aluminum-e Kavir Company is a subsidiary of the Ayegh Kavir Industrial Group. The aim of the Tak Aluminum-e Kavir Company is to manufacture and upgrade aluminum windows and doors in the building industry, and since the Ayegh Kavir Group has realized the need to build aluminum windows and doors over the past few years, it is now seeking to apply modern European machinery and up-to-date manufacturing and installation knowledge in order to guide its customers so that they can make the best choice and obtain the highest quality products available.

The windows manufactured by the Tak Aluminum-e Kavir Company meet the needs of the building industry by having a wide variety of forms, colors, range of use of fittings and a variety of openings and aluminum window systems. The technical specifications are in accordance with the required standards in the building including doughing point, elasticity coefficient, lightness, being non-magnetic as well as advantages such as: strength to weight ratio, color variation of interior and exterior, polyamide longitudinal expansion coefficient, resistance against climatic erosion and being aesthetic. This has led to aluminum inevitably becoming the most commonly utilized metal and it has no rivals.

Windows are one of the most important factors of energy loss in buildings. Energy loss in well-made aluminum windows is much less than in iron windows. Aluminum windows and doors are available in two forms: Normal and Thermal Break. Thermal break windows are one of the types of heat insulated windows.

Because of the high heat transfer coefficient of aluminum, in addition to the double glazed windows, the aluminum profiles are also interconnected using polyamide blades and are twin-layered. The resulting profiles are thermal break profiles made up of two sections of separate aluminum profiles that are interconnected by polyamide blades.

Polyamide retains its mechanical properties at high temperatures and against chemicals, water and UV rays. High strength and durability are some of the other advantages of polyamide blades. Polyamide blades prevent heat transfer from one surface to another. In fact, the term thermal break is used for this system due to its thermal failure and heat transfer failure, and the Tak Aluminum-e Kavir Company is always aiming to produce high quality products in this field due to its ethical obligations to conserve as much natural resources and national capital as possible.