Various Types of Double Glazed UPVC Doors

در سوئیچ خور

UPVC Doors that have a lock and can be locked

This type of UPVC door has handles on both sides and can be locked by a switch lock. Suitable for entrance or terrace doors.

در سرویس

Bathroom UPVC Doors

Bathroom UPVC doors are made up of sash profiles and bathroom fittings. These doors typically have a 3D hinge.
UPVC bathroom doors are used for toilets and bathrooms, and since UPVC doors are highly resistant against erosion and moisture, they are recommended to be used in the form of whole panel or partially glass & panel. Bathroom UPVC doors can also be made in a laminated form.

در فرانسوی

French UPVC Doors with Two Companions

A French UPVC door has two openings (companions) and is suitable for places in which you need a large opening in order to move furniture easily.

Threshold UPVC Doors

This type of door has no bottom profile and special aluminum profiles have been used instead of a UPVC frame.

Full-Panel UPVC Doors

This type of door is suitable for toilets, bathrooms and powerhouses due to the fact that it doesn’t have a frame at the bottom for easy cleaning purposes.

Various Types of UPVC Doors

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