General regulations

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On the website, Ayegh Kavir refers to the Ayegh Kavir window manufacturing company.

Privacy Policies

The Ayegh Kavir Company respects and protects the private information of those who use the site’s services. Ayegh Kavir is committed to protecting your privacy to the fullest extent, and therefor aims to develop the technology needed to make your use of its website more safe and secure. In fact, by using the Ayegh Kavir website, you consent to this policy. All content available through any of the services provided by Ayegh Kavir, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, videos, downloadable and copyable items, data and all content generated by Ayegh Kavir is considered to be part of Ayegh Kavir’s property and the right to use and publish all content available exclusively belongs to Ayegh Kavir has the legal right to pursue any use without written permission. In addition, the names of all services available through any of the services provided by Ayegh Kavir and registered trademarks are also monopolized by Ayegh Kavir and are subject to prosecution and legal action in case of any unpermitted commercial use. The only official source we have approved for you to contact us is the following official website of the company: