Mahsan Screen-Making

Mahsan Screen-Making, Manufacturer of Screens

The Mahsan Screen-Making Company strives to improve quality in line with the existing world standards. The company believes that nature should be taken as seriously as humans and that simple but effective solutions should be applied to prevent natural disasters and potential dangers from occurring. To prevent vermin insects from entering your home and workplace, the Mahsan Screen-Making Company has designed screens that are safe and aesthetic. These screens are 100 % flexible as a result of a special type of fabric and aluminum and they completely prevent insects from entering the interior of the building. The system design of the screens does not allow the use of dry, noisy and industrial plastic which create an unpleasant condition for the inhabitants. In order fulfill our goals and aims, we have designed these screens to provide a person’s requirement of 20 cubic meters of air each hour, and by applying wind-catching and protective parts to prevent unwanted occurrences from happening, we have been able to ensure safety and beauty.
The products manufactured by the Mahsan Screen-Making Company are produced in the presence of highly skilled and creative specialists and by fully automatic cutting and drilling machines with the annual manufacturing capacity of 50,000 screens. These screens have the following capabilities:

* These screens are unique and come with possibility to adjust the width and height

* Complete protection against insects entering the building

* Made of 100 % polyester with an aesthetic appearance and resistance against water and sunlight

* Complete with a lock adjustment system and folding guide

* Equipped with a wind-breaking mechanism and the impossibility of the screen getting detached from the profile railings during stormy weather

* High Flexibility

* Equipped with a reverse load system and the quiet operation of the screen

* Creative and unique design

* Available in various Walnut, Winchester, White, etc. colors

* Durability test for 10,000 times

Mahsan Screen-Making

The Products of Mahsan Screen-Making


Suitable for all types of doors and windows – Can be fixed at any point in the system – Laminated profile – Spare mesh for replacement – Double leaf opening – No springs that makes the screen quiet and durable – Hidden adjustable concealing system – Profile adjustment – RAL powder colors


Double installation – Has a hidden fold or blind fold conventional structure – Automatic pulling – Fiberglass screen – Screen movement using pallets – No threshold profile (6 mm vertical space occupation) – Aluminum frame – RAL powder paint – Design & manufacture


Unlimited expansion capacity and wide space application – Has separate panels for adding or omitting any number of pieces – No threshold profile with a maximum height of 3 mm – Easy-to-slide knob that can be fixed anywhere – Aluminum frame – White, dark bronze, black, silver, champagne gold colors – RAL Powder colors – No springs – Design & manufacture


Single and double installation – Can be adapted to any type of double door system – Types of openings (double sliding opening, left opening, right opening) – Clear and unobstructed view – Reverse load system – Single-touch automatic opening – Aluminum frame – RAL powder colors


Dual (double) installation – Has a screen replacement cartridge system – Easy and fast control mechanism – Available in different sizes for professional OEM or HANDYMAN installation – No threshold profile with a maximum 3 mm high – Aluminum frame – RAL powder colors – No springs.