Ayegh kavir window

Ayegh Kavir Window

Double glazed UPVC door and window producer

The Ayegh Kavir Window Manufacturing Group is capable of producing 120,000 UPVC doors and windows annually and currently has numerous dealers throughout the country.
The UPVC profile is one of the most reliable and commonly used raw materials in making doors and windows and its main feature is its beauty and durability. UPVC profiles are used by the Ayegh Kavir Window Manufacturing Group. Light weight, flexibility, non-flammability, insulation against heat and electricity, resistance against chemicals and biological substances, the possibility of having polished surfaces, the ability of being mixed with various additives and finally, the flexibility of being applied in multiple designs has turned this polymer into the most suitable alternative for metal and non-metallic alloys in the door and window manufacturing industry.

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The UPVC profile is one of the most reliable and most commonly used materials in building doors and windows and its main feature is its beauty and durability. In this section, you can see the UPVC window and door manufacturing process using state-of-the-art modern machinery. Also, to see previous projects, please go to the “Previous Projects” section. You can also visit the inside of the Ayegh Kavir Window Manufacturing Group’s Tehran office during weekdays.

Various Types of Openings in Ayegh Kavir’s Doors and Windows

Tilt windows with a single direction opening from the top

Turn windows with a single direction opening from the side

Tilt & Turn windows with dual direction openings

French doors with two opening companions

VW-style Tilt & Slide windows

Outward Opening Windows

Folding Windows

Top Star dual-mode windows with hidden hinges

One leaf Doors

Double Leaf Doors


Various profile types used by the Ayegh Kavir Group

The UPVC profiles used by the Ayegh Kavir Group are one of the best national and international brands In way of achieving its highest goal of customer satisfaction from the quality of its products, the company considers the use of any kind of profile with a different brand name and of poor quality as treachery to its customers despite having lower price tags. After obtaining technical and qualitative reviews and assistance, the company uses the highest quality profiles currently available in this industry.

Specifications of the products made by the Ayegh Kavir Window Manufacturing Group

Energy saving up to 45 %

Extremely light weight

Resistant against UV rays and eliminates the damaging effects

Moisture Resistant

Reduces Air Pollution

Resistant Against Chemicals

Reduces Cool Radiation

Compatible with Different Climate Conditions

Reduces the Cost of Cooling and Heating Installations in the Building

Resistant Against Expansion and Contraction

Complete Sealing & Insulation

Sound Insulation (40 dB)

Easy Installation

Insulation Against Heat and Electricity

Resistant Against wind, Rain, Storm, Dust

Highly Durable Due to the Presence of Galvanized Profiles

Non-flammable Within

Eco-friendly and Recyclable

No Need for Frequent Maintenance & Repairs

Easy Cleaning

Replacement or Re-Coloring

Ayegh kavir window
Insulation Against Sound

One of the problems of living in cities nowadays is noise pollution, which has adverse effects on the mental and physical health of citizens. Noise pollution can cause or lead to nervous and heart diseases and also the reduction of physical and mental abilities.

Hearing a 100 dB sound for a duration of 10 minutes requires 20 minutes of rest in a quiet environment.

Some examples of damaging sounds and noises are mentioned below:

Aircraft 180 dB

Heavy Trucks 90 dB

Public Places 70 dB 

UPVC windows with 3 compartments reduce sound levels up to 40 dB.

Research carried out on noise pollution in Iran has shown that in large cities, the average amount of noise pollution is 80 dB and in small cities 50 dB. The use of insulated windows and double glazed windows is one way of reducing noise pollution in houses. This method is important because utilizing double glazed windows will reduce the sound intensity by about 40 dB.

Energy Saving

As about 30 % of the building’s total energy is lost through the windows, controlling and reducing this amount by utilizing UPVC windows with double or triple glazing is an extremely cost-effective way.

Ayegh kavir window

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